Answers from Someone who doesn't know SEO

November 30, 2007

I got this email for my co-worker Brett (who is blogless, sorry no link love man). I about crapped my pants and thought that I should share.

1.What is the #1 most important Search Engine in the United States?

DMV Database

2. Should you exchange links with other websites?

It depends on the level and how well equipped the other websites link is.

a. If so, why?

A higher level link can help you quest higher dungeons netting you better equipment and gold.

3.Are you familiar with Pay Per Click?

I think I have this confused with Paper Clique, is this where groups of paper hang out and shun paper from other social castes.

a.If so, please explain the purpose of these services and where they can be found.

Staples, Office Depot, etc…

b.Can Pay Per Click help to obtain organic rankings?

If they fell into the right Clique it could help their social standing and therefore rank higher… organically.

4.What is a bounce rate?

When you drop a rubber bouncy ball from a tall building, it only comes back up about 60% of the way.

5.How can you tell if a page is indexed in Google or not?

Check it’s table of contents.

6.Does having a framed website hurt your ability to rank well in the search engines?

I should think so, but the severity would be entirely based on what it was framed doing.

7.If you were given a client who works out of the Trump Tower in New York, what do you think the best title would be for their website?

“I survived the Apprentice and all I got was this crappy website.”

8.With your keyword research from Question #7, please construct a meta description below.

This may be a misspelling, and I am unsure how “meat” has anything to do with the Trump Tower in New York.