California Traffic

December 5, 2007

Those native to California are accustomed to traffic. Millions of Californians commute on a daily basis. Most travel 60 miles to and from work and spend 5% (if they are lucky) on gas. The average travel time is 30 minutes.

I am one of those idiots.

I’ve seen allot on my commute and decided I should start taking pictures to share. So if you see an idiot with a camera who is messing with his ipod at the same time that’s me. Flip me off so that I can take a pic and add you here.

This is me trying to get onto the freeway. What I could not capture on film was the fact merging in California should be renamed to “every man (or woman) for himself.”

Look at the cars to the right trying to merge onto the same freeway that I am. Who ever thought of merging two completely different freeways at the same point of intersecting a third was a genius.

Here goes some more California Traffic. But there is a bright side. On the last and final trek traffic isn’t that bad as you can see below,

Okay car it’s cool to get in front of me. Did you notice the lack of a turn signal?

I’m such a good driver. I’m going the speed limit…..Ahh Crap!!! I’m almost out of gas.

I was almost home until I came upon a dog who wanted a ride. I blurred the picture to hide his identity in case he wanted to sue me. For some reason I didn’t trust his beady little eyes, so I decided not to give him a ride after all. Besides I came from an hour commute in good ole California Traffic.