FREE iTunes downloads for your iPod

December 7, 2007

Free iPod Downloads
Ever since my Ipod came in my life it has become an essential part of my everyday life. It helps with when I’m stuck in California traffic, sitting for hours at the DMV or taking a dump (you know that you do too). At first I downloaded all my music on my iPod and noticed that I used only a fraction of the honking 160 GB of memory. For those of you who are not computer literate 160 gigs equals to allot of room for crap.

Feelling like a kid again I went to iTunes and downloaded a couple of Star Trek Movies and noticed that I still had allot of room left. At that exact moment I thought to myselft; I have unlimited memory I can download everything just about everything (alright I admit there was beer envolved when I thought of that).

That’s when I got into FREE iTunes podcast downloads! Here is a list of my top downloads feel free to share yours.
Geeks on was my first podcast. Aaron Hendricks, Matt King, Peter Robinson and Uber Geek Don Marshall though different in their own ways fullfill my inner Geek. They talk about an array of topics ranging from Star Trek to Geeks news. After the first episode I was hooked. The guys over at Geeks on definately are worth the listen.
Darker Projects is a site dedicated to a darker side of audio drama. For the past year I have been captivated by all of their original stories. Eric Busby and his band of talent have put me on the edge of my seat many times along with a few nightmares (okay I’m a wuss). Here are the current masterpieces Darker Projects has in their arsenal. My personal favorites are the Star Trek serious (because I’m a die hard fan) and The Byron Chronicles.

Alive Inside
Dark Matter
Far Horizons
Five Minute Fears
Generation 1
Night Terrors
Sword of Windsor
Tales From The Museum
The Byron Chronicles
The Falcon Banner
Doctor Who
Star Trek: Lost Fontier
Star Trek: The section 31 files

Justin Seeley
Justin Seeley has come out with two of the most informative video blogs to date. Justin’s Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials have helped me out allot and provided me with tips I have used on this very blog!

Terry White
Terry White has a great video podcast about everything Adobe. As director of North America Creative Pro Core Business for Adobe Systems, Inc. (Now that’s a job title) Terry is not only my idol but has one of the coolest jobs in the world. You can find Terry with all of his Adobe sweetness over at
Layers magazine is one of the best sites out there. It offers everything from Photoshop tips to After Effects “how to’s”. R.C. Concepction and Corey Barker are a great tag team and keep me entertained show after show.

The hilarious trio Scott, Matt and Dave provide tips, tricks and industry news for Photoshop along with weekly contests that include a yearly subscription to NAPP (national association of Photoshop Professionals).

X Minus One
X Minus One is an old time Scifi program I enjoy. I believe it’s a rebroadcast of a show that was on ABC back in the early to late 50’s. Great acting, awesome sound effects and original plots.