My Saturday with Tank

December 2, 2007

It’s not everyday I get to hang out exclusively with my youngest son Logun (my wife is weird and has a thing for weird name spellings). My oldest son Dillyn (another weird spelling) was at his aunt and uncle’s house in Hesperia (California that is). My daughter Haileigh (she was sober when she came up with that one) was with my wife, which left me and Logun all alone to do guy crap.

The start of a great morning

The first thing Logun aka Tank and I embarked on was breakfast. Poor kid doesn’t have a huge selection to choose from because of the fact he’s only 9 months. So his choice of breakfast was good old crap meal mixed with baby formula. The thing is Tank is just like his dad and considers food to be fuel and not a luxury, so within 5 minutes the kid scarfed his oatmeal down and left half of it on his face for desert. I had good old honey nut cheerios and frosted mini wheat’s in the same bowl (I only had enough for half a bowl of mini wheat’s so I added cheerios to fill the void).

After a cup of coffee and a few cigarettes we sat down to see what was on free T.V. Sitting in front of my inherited (from a family death) 42″ Flat Screen Vizio T.V. I watched infomericals and the home shopping network (I’m too cheap to buy cable).

Lunch Time, Top Ramen anyone?

I grew up poor. I was the oldest son of my family which meant I was the man of the family early on. My mom was a single mother trying to make ends meet and we ate poor sometimes, which meant we ate peanut butter and jelly, hot dogs and Top Ramen. Funny thing is I like Top Ramen (if you make it right).

As a grown man I found that I still follow the same habits from when I was a kid. I still pick my nose, think girls have cuties and came close to shitting myself a few times on my hourly commute to work; and of course Top Ramen for lunch.

Tank had Peaches and Peas. He has a little more of a variety for lunch (lucky kid). I always feed him the fruits part of his lunch first, maybe because I’m rebelling against what I was taught as a child which was “to always eat your veggies first”. Weird rule, but as a man with a family of my own I feel obligated to teach my kids the opposite of what I have learned. Maybe then they’ll grow up right.

After Lunch Tank looked like he was ready to play. I love babies because they are easy to entertain. My favorite thing to do with Tank is dance. I’m no Stevie Wonder but I can sing “Baby Got Back” like no tomorrow. I usually hold Tank by his underarms and his legs do the rest. Most of the time he’s bouncing up and down, but on a few occasions I’ve seen the kid shake his hips. I wouldn’t be surprised if the kids takes up dancing like his good old man (or in the club it’s called humping with clothes on, that’s a story for later on).

After dancing we played hide and seek (or daddy puts his head behind the couch and makes farting noises until you find him). He can’t play that game for too long usually because he’ll find something around him that takes his attention off me. What can I say the kids easily distracted.

The phone rang….

It was the wife calling. She has to call me from every time she is away. Usually it’s 2-3 times to either tell me something or make sure that I’m still breathing. This time she called to see if I was still breathing. That’s my wife for you always caring.

My Saturday with tank ended at 4 when the wife came home with Chinese food. My wife feed him (crap meal again), gave him a bath and put him to bed. As I watched my son lay asleep all cozy dreaming of fantasy world far far away (hopefully it wasn’t Star Wars Episode 1,2 and 3) I wonder to myself how many opportunities will I have to enjoy a day like this with my youngest (and hopefully my last). Any day you have that involves personal time with one of your children is a day to treasure. I had one of those days and had a great Saturday.