Watch out Google, tried real hard to copy you and FAILED-Part 1

December 4, 2007

I noticed today the Live search team anounced (I was shocked they had a blog) that live now has webmaster tools much like Google’s Webmaster Tools (same name different search engine). I have been a fan of Google’s webmaster tools for some time now mainly because I like to see what links Google see’s versus the results from backlinkwatch and would like to admit I was skeptical about Live’s release, but curiosity got the best of me and I had to give it a try. Here is what happened.

Live’s webmaster Tools Main Console

Not too bad. Live uses the same verification methods Google does. I had no problem adding the meta tag to my blog.

Live has added a robots.txt validator tool

Here was the results when I put in the robots.txt file for this blog.

Line #1:
Error: ‘user-agent’ – should be the first tag.
Warning: ‘sitemap’ – tag isn’t specified.

Sorrrryyyy for not specifying the sitemap tag, I’ll make sure that I get right on it.

Next, I was onto the fun stuff…. until I broke

Well, after clicking on my link to access all the link data I broke live’s weak attempt to take Google’s reigns. Just when I was showing Live a little love they have to break down on me. Once I get this stupid thing going I’ll finish my review of Live’s webmaster tools.