Watch out Google, tried real hard to copy you and FAILED-Part 2

December 4, 2007

Day2 of my review on’s Webmaster Tools returned a different error result I thought that I should share.

On a more positive note reported on their Webmaster blog that a serious issue with cloaking has been fixed. Anyone familiar with Live knows they are years behind Google and need to catch up in order to compete with the Google God.

Microsoft is moving in the right direction though. What better way to find out what people think, and the problems you receive within your search engine than to communicate with them. I love the honesty Live displays when they mention the fact they cannot provide you with a personal response and direct you to another place. Come on now. I’m taking the time to let you know what’s going on with your tools and you shun me away.

“Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. We appreciate your feedback and use it to help create better services and products. Unfortunately we cannot provide a personal response to your comments. For assistance with a specific problem you are experiencing with your service or product, refer to Help Central.”

What ever happened to good customer service? I think it’s great they fixed a major problem with cloaking, but what about the webmaster tools they just released? Am I missing something here?