Where Google Failed….

December 1, 2007

The other day my wife asked me if a brother and sister beagle can mate. After calling my wife sick and getting into a big debate over just because it’s a dog doesn’t mean it’s okay for a brother and sister to bump uglies I decided to find the info she was looking for. (Alright, the thing was I didn’t feel like sleeping on the couch)

My first instinct was to search Google. Here is what I found,

beagle dogs mating
boy girl beagle dog bumping uglies okay?
can boy and girl beagles do it

……Of course there were more searches involved by I thought these were the best especially the can boy and girl beagles do it query, check out the first result….

The complete Idiot’s guide to Beagles.
Hmmm. The first result had nothing to do with breeding beagles. Nor did the second, third and last result on the page. After spending 10 minutes searching and receiving the exact same results I decided to use Ask.com. Sure enough after searching for can boy and girl beagles do it in Ask.com

The fourth result gave me what I needed. Sorry Google you lost this one, but we are still close friends.

FYI. It’s perfectly okay to mate boy and girl beagles (if you really care).