Zak’s Nice, Smile

December 5, 2007

Instead of placing a blogroll of names and letting their sites speak for themselves, I thought I should include why I’ve added those people who are crazy enough to know me. My first victim on the list is Zak. Fellow SEO, PPC and all around darn fine person JR. (read my bio) Zak enjoys snowboarding, smoking cigarettes and wearing hats (white hats that is). He loves takeing smoke breaks at work (they are exactly 15 minutes exactly man the guy is so punctual it makes me sick) and loves Mac’s.

Zak thinks he is a race car driver in his Scion XD. I have never seen anyone get through traffic as fast as him (it might be the fact his car is half the size of a normal car or he has to go pee). What he doesn’t relize is my 95 Buick Lesabre will out race his new car any day. I don’t want to race him because I’ll make the guy feel bad cause he paid 17 grand for the thing and mine cost a case of beer and a couple of food stamps.

Beware of his Nice, Smile it will hypnitize you. I swear the guy smiled once and when I came to my wallet was missing and he was no where to be found. So be careful if you see his lips starting to open on payday, he might take you for everything you got.

Tag Zak. You’re it!