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January 24, 2008

In order for me to understand the terminology .net developers use and wrap my head around Microsoft’s confusing naming schemes I decided to subscribe to a few podcasts. Microsoft doesn’t make the learning development easy (even though they have thousands of pages on their site). In order for me to understand what the heck I was looking for I decided that maybe listening to podcasts over and over again was the answer. I listened vigorously to all I had and settled with a few.

.Net Rocks – is a weekly podcast hosted by Carl Franklin and Richard Cambell. Their podcast helped me find out if I wanted to be a web developer in the first place. After a few shows I got hooked and have been listening to them ever since.

Hanselminutes – is hosted by Scott Hanselman is a .net guy and technology buff. His shows range from to silverlight, ajax and all web technologies. This guy has my dream job of working for Microsoft and from his about page he’s a pretty smart guy.

Both podcasts are great, but I learn better by example which brings me to another one of Carl Franklin’s sites dnr tv is a good way of seeing code in action. It’s not really a place for beginners, but if you want to understand why .net is scalable and the technologies surrounding it, I recommend that you head in head first.

On a side note I’ve updated my linkedin profile to include and c#. I’ve added a few to my list, but I’m not interested in forging connections with people I never met because I used to work with them. This is rude, but I’ve never been a popular person nor do I wish to be.

Prepare yourself for a side of ranting

I’ve not been in touch with my blog lately. I haven’t forgotten about it but you all know I’ve been doing the whole .net gig and I’m finally getting a grasp on it, coding and developing applications on my own web server. I’ve noticed people are following me on Twitter and contacting me through social websites such as facebook. I don’t have time for those sites, but I would still like to keep in contact with people I used to talk to. Instead of me going to some website and logging in why don’t you IM me at or you can email me at That way I will keep in contact.