So little time, very little blogging?

January 24, 2008

I remember a time I could play video games for hours. I had a weekly line-up of regular t.v. shows. I even had time to have hobbies. Well….. I don’t have time for that anymore. As the rain poors in sunny California I reflect on the times I had so much free time back in the day, but that’s no more. I’ve filled what little time left a father of 3 and a dog has with grown-up duties (as I like to call them) My new hobbies include;

My new home
My new career goal
My new job

So with the little time I have left I decide to blog

All of us need time away from the everyday routines. I enjoy writing (now) and see myself writing more as time goes on. What drives me is seeing the growth of Life Uncut. I’ve noticed that I’ve left some projects unfinished but hey who cares right? It’s not like I’m an authority on anything I write about. There is one I do have to finish (when I think about it), but I’m waiting for the chance to have more time to write it because of HIS concerns about the post I’ll write about him. You know who you are.

So what the heck am I up to?

I thought having a bigger house was great until I realized I had to paint the beast. I attempted to do a crappy job at painting the kitchen, hoping that my wife would say screw it but that plan blew up in my face. I ended up not only painting but also cleaning the base boards, spray painting one of our 3 fireplaces and cleaning the yard. Once I’m finished I’ll make another video so you can see the after of the whole ordeal. Don’t worry I’m having a house warming party and you all are invited!!!

I’ve been creating a few “Hello World” programs in Visual Basic. My favorite so far is a calculator I made that takes your shoe size and pant size and determines how big your junk is. That program had my wife laughing for days cause it always displayed the same thing which was small. That’s about all I’ve learned so far. I’m kinda taking the whole process easy because I’m starting J.C in a few weeks. Yeah you heard me right Bryan’s going back to school. I’m enrolling in some web development classes because I’m serious about this stuff and really enjoy it.