4 months with the g1 phone

February 10, 2010

Before i got my g1 I owned a T-Mobile wing which was a windows mobile phone. I hated the frequent crashes, horrible interface and crappy touchscreen. The g1 came out and my wife bought the phone first. The g1 did not have the features that i wanted in a cellphone at the time.

Then Google released Google listen. I am a podcast addict. While I loved my Ipod I did not like lugging around two different devices in my pocket. I decided to invest in Android.

I have to say that I was happy with my g1 until newer phones like the droid and Nexus One. Now I am second guessing my decision due to the fact I may not be able to update my phone to the latest release of Android. If my G1 doesn`t update by the end of 2010 I`ll have to switch to the Iphone.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Iphones drop calls I would have made the switch, because I have lost confidence in Android. I went through this crap with Windows mobile where I could not download the latest release and I will not do it again.