Lovin the Mytouch 4g

December 21, 2010

After months of pain with a jail broken iphone on T-mobile, I got my early Christmas present — a Mytouch 4g. I was too early to the game when I purchased the G1. It was slow, heavy but the OS was good for it’s time. I got frustrated because I couldn’t update my G1 to use Google Buzz when it came out (but the Iphone could). Boy was I sour. I complained on forums, Twitter and Facebook and in the end I got nothing in return. Fast forward 10 months later and I am taking another risk with Android. The fact the Mytouch 4g is skinned already puts it at risk of a long wait for updates, but I couldn’t ignore the internals of this phone (and I really miss Android).

What I use a cellphone for

I don’t use a cellphone for the phone part. I use it for communication. The best way to get ahold of me is through Gtalk, not text messaging or Facebook. I read tech blogs religiously. My average read items in Google reader is around 3,500 a month. I listen to audio books from Audible (another complaint I had with the G1), I watch Youtube videos and read .pdf’s. Google listen is a podcast subscription service. My opinion is that Google listen is the best way to listen to audio podasts. Vs. Itunes cable plugin model (yes I know that you can grab podcasts feeds from the itunes app but that’s stupid too).

The Specs


    • 3.8 inches


  • LCD display



  • Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels




    • 1000 MHz Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon(2nd gen snapdragon)


Geeky Features

    • Front-facing camera


  • Android Froyo 2.2



  • HSPA+



First Impressions

My impression of the phone is it’s fast. The internet is fast, apps load fast, scrolling pinch to zoom is fast. I’ve not had an issue with apps force closing or any lag while putting this phone through the mighty 15 minute break test. You have to remember that Android is like Windows it gets slower the more apps you load because Android has this weird issue where apps just load in the background for no other reason than to try to slow your phone down. I’m sure I’ll be bitching in a few weeks, but for now I’m lovin this phone. The phone looks a million times better in person. I was afraid this phone looked like crap (because my most respected tech blog reported on it), but when I saw it I actually liked the design. I wish they would have relaxed with the chrome on the earpiece and front-facing camera, but it doesn’t make the phone ugly. I would have preferred a big black slab like the Droid X but hey this phone was made for speed, not looks.


I’ve been away from Android for 10 months. I have to say that I’m happy I’m back. When someone asks me about Android my answer is always, “with Android you can make your phone as smart as you want to make”. While I’m unsure of whether I’ll ever see an update, I think this time that I could live with it. My phone “as is” does everything I need it to do.