Please Send me a CR-48 Google

December 29, 2010

While on Twitter I came accross a Tweet from a guy who built this website and hope that maybe asking directly through a blog post might help. Even though this blog post will not come close to a website, I hope this blog post will show someone at Google how serious I am about owning a cr-48 Chrome OS laptop, and the fact I will contribute to Chrome OS bug fixes, OS suggestions and even help improve it by creating applications for Chrome OS.

Why Do I Want A CR-48

I live on the web. I’ve used Gmail since 2006. I store all of my important documents on the web through Google Docs. I use Google reader religiously. I use Google Calendar. I use Google tasks. I use Google Analytics. I use Google Adwords. I even use Google Buzz. I’m writing this request on Google Blogger. I currently live in the cloud and would like the opportunity to build applications for Chrome OS that I will use. Such as a textmate clone for building simple websites or a native Google Apps calculator. I build websites and web applications. I want to build web applications for Chrome OS. I primarily want to build a web application for web development.I believe that I’m the perfect candidate because I won’t;

1. Hack the the cr-48 to run another OS

2. Sell the cr-48

I believe Chrome OS is the future of OS’s because we’re moving away from the complexity of modern operating systems such as Windows or Mac OSX. The fact that Chrome OS is in fact a browser is genius. I want to invest my time in improving Chrome OS mainly because I’m invested in the web and Google services. I really want Chrome OS to succeed and will provide feedback to the Chrome OS team so that you can improve the product for launch.

I’m addicted to beta products and know it’s not perfect

I understand that Chrome OS isn’t perfect. I really want this hardware to test out and provide feedback and brand awareness. whenever a Google lab product is released I test it out. I test out beta products all of the time. I believe testing beta products is my window into the future, which I see as %100 web eventually.

Is Chrome OS good for my employer?

I’m the head of IT, Marketing and Web Development for a Law Firm. We’re already Googlefied. This might be what I’ve been looking for to replace Windows. I hope someone in Googleland has seen this and sends over a CR-48 for testing. I want really want to be part of the future of web only applications and browser based OS’s.