The 3 Must Have's in Chrome OS

January 6, 2011

Google’s new Chrome OS is only in the hands of the lucky few to get their hands on the CR-48 (netbook). Unfortunately, I’m not one of those lucky few (yet, hint hint Google). Chrome OS is by all means just a browser–that’s the beauty of it. You’re information is synced in the cloud, accessible through any platform. The Chrome OS is still in beta, and in my opinion not feature complete.

While not feature complete you have to take my opinions with a grain of salt. I have not touched the OS these are merely what I wish for to truly turn me over to their new OS.

Cloud based music storate

There isn’t a Google music service. I think Google music should include music discovery and streaming. I would love a low cost alternative to Pandora. But what I think would really hit it off is a music service where you can upload the music you’ve purchased on your computer. Give me 7bg like Gmail and I think Google would have a major advantage over services such as Itunes and Pandora. I know, the record labels would never allow this because we truly don’t own our music; piracy yackaty shmackady. All I’m saying is that this would be cool and since this is my blog I can say what in the heck I want.

Buy Textmate

Give the developers Google notepad or Google developer. A native Chrome OS app that syncs you’re web development files to the could. Let me hack some code at work, then go home and log into my google account to finish where I left off. If they buy textmate they’ll would have a top notch development environment.

Add the Google Developer IDE plus a terminal and I’m switching in a heartbeat.

Save my file to the cloud or my file system option

Come on Android does this. If I have an image give me the option of where to save it to. Picasa. If I have a file give me the option to save it to Google docs. If I find a song on Youtube and want to buy it take me to Google music. Let me create a station like pandora or to buy it and put it into my music locker.


In Conclusion

We’re moving to a simple interface cloud syncing future that I’m excited about. If any company can pull it off it’s Google. While there are a few things it’s missing I believe that the concept of a browser based operating system is genius, simple and cross platform. I always look for solutions to sync all of my personal information together and so far 70% or so (I’m pulling this number out of my ass) is already in the cloud. While I’m not fortunate enough to have a Cr-48 yet(hint hint Google) I’m excited to see all of the inovation that happened last year and what the future holds for computing.