Final Thoughts on the cr-48 & Chrome OS

March 23, 2011

I’ve had my cr-48 for over a month. The day I got it I fell in love. The thing looked just like the many Youtube unboxing videos I’ve seen. The laptop looks like a laptop version of the stealth bomber–it had a black primer look and felt like I could run it over with my car and it would still work without a glitch.

The One Issue I had with the cr-48 killed Chrome OS

Okay there was actually two issues I had. No Netflix and I couldn’t code. Netflix wasn’t that big of a deal because–hey we’re talking about the internet there’s little you can’t find online if you know how to search:–). The killer for me was the web is not the place to build websites (yet). I’ve tried all the online code editors that I could get my hands on. I couldn’t use any of them, and this is why.

My hobby is computer languages

I study computer languages, design patterns & even bios of people that have created computer languages(yes I’m truly that geeky). I use dropbox to read my ebooks (You name it I have it). The problem is that I love to code along with these books. That could not be completed with the cr-48.

After a week I put Windows 7 on it and fell in love again

Sorry Google I lasted a week. I put Windows 7 on the cr-48. Come on Google you must have used JoliCloud. Native Linux apps & the cloud. I think JoliCloud got it right. Buy them. You have the cash.


I live on the web. When I go on vacation I last a few days before I get the shakes. Before I make the next statement understand this is only my opinion, but I don’t think a browser is ready to replace an OS. Maybe HTML5 will save us all but for right now building web applications is harder than it should be and we’ve invested too much dough/time into software development.

I’m rooting for Google. I have no doubt it’ll get better, but for right now it’s far from complete.

Windows 7 on the cr-48

The specks of the cr-48 are lame, but I have to say this is the best Windows machine I’ve ever owned. It’s small, the battery lasts 8 hours, and it’s fast. This thing eats Visual Studio for breakfast. Flash in full screen, the cr-48 eats that for lunch. The drawback is you have little storage to work with. Visual Studio pro wouldn’t install because it was too big, but express works just fine.