Why I passed on Windows phone 7 but I still have hope

March 31, 2011

Back in Decemeber I purchased a MyTouch 4g and loved it. What I forgot to mention was that I had an HTC HD7 for 24 hours and traded it for the MyTouch. My gripe with Windows Phone 7 was the fact it felt real buggy. The browser looked allot like blackberry’s crapola and I couldn’t take the slow app loading and lack of voice turn by turn directions (windows mobile 6.5 had this feature with the HD2 by the way). I wanted a Windows phone 7 device to build mobile applications with and I have come to realize that with Android and IOS I had app overload and the metro UI that WP7 uses is the best I’ve seen on a mobile OS.

This is my last Android phone

I have invested around $600 dollars in Android with first my G1 and now my Mytouch 4g. While I really like how much Android has to offer I’m fed up of the carrier customizations. After a solid month I noticed that my text messages would disappear or the fact that yahoo messenger was running on top of the crap ware that htc put onto the device. My phone began to slow down. I have used task managers and not used them. I did everything that I could think of to get my device running top notch to no avail. I seriously got maybe 5 hours out of my phone if I was lucky. I decided to root my device and put 2.3 on it. That solved my crap ware in the background and battery life issue ( I seriously get 2 days of battery life now), but now I have to iive with the bugs the custom ROM introduced into my life. Google Reader (the app) crashes all the time, I get occasional hang ups but the phone is obviously buggy. The sad part is that I have fewer bugs with the custom ROM than I did with HTC’s sense lite customization. I had to literally root my cellphone to make it work. That is bullshit and I’m sick and tired of having to hack my fucking phone so that it works because Google doesn’t have the balls to enforce their own customization rules, which is in the TOS for manufacturers. I love the fact the phone runs flash, voice navigation ( I have absolutely no sense of direction–I don’t even know where I am right now), and all the Google goodness baked in but I think that Android isn’t for me anymore.

My Options

I’ve wanted an Iphone since day one. The problem is that I love T-mobile. I’ve had AT&T and Verizon and always had issues with either the bill or the service. 3g on Verizon is a joke I really think it’s edge and we’re lead to believe it’s 3g. I owned a jail broken 2g and 3g Iphone (which is the perfect cellphone for a ten year old, turn off the data and only use wifi and it’s a perfect device while not charging you an arm and a leg for data). My problem with jail breaking is that you never have the latest and greatest of the updates, but the worst part is the lack of 3g. My Iphone was useless when I was out and about, but it was great when I had wifi. The worst part about At&t is the 2gb data cap. I understand why, but I think At&t fucked it up for me. Why can’t they throttle heavy users after 2gb’s? Having a cap will ruin using the phone for me. I’m not a heavy 3g/4g user but I would have to look at my usage every time I open the browser because I’m cheap. The recent news of At&t buying T-mobile scares me (but I’ll leave that for another post). So At&t is out of the question.

I refuse to go with Verizon. They have the most expensive phone plan out there and I’ve had an account with them before I got married and after and always had hidden charges. Right now T-mobile (in my opinion) is the best cellphone carrier out there. I’ve never dropped a call in the five years. I get service everywhere in California and the numerous states I’ve visited and I have had the best customer service of any company I’ve dealt with. Period.

The Benefits Windows Phone 7

I can choose the right phone for me. I keep hearing that 4 inches is the sweet spot for cellphones and I have to agree. The Iphone’s screen feels too small and websites look squished. With Windows Phone 7 I’m not locked into a certain device type.


When you buy an Android phone who knows when you’re going to get an update. The pase at which the Iphone updates is phenomenal and nothing else needs to be said about that platform. While Windows Phone 7 messed up their first update–all I have to say is at least they’re pushing it out to all of their cellphones and I trust that Microsoft will update these phones while I don’t hold that same trust for Android. it’s a hell of allot better than Windows mobile. I never got an update when I owned my T-mobile wing on Windows mobile 6.0.

Windows Phone 7 will be my next phone, my Android phone is only the filler

I’m waiting until Windows Phone 7 fixes their browser. Later this year they should be using the IE9 engine for their mobile browser. Hopefully that will fix my main gripe with the phone. I don’t care if I have multi tasking to be honest, as long as my battery lasts long and the phone is fast. I haven’t heard anything about turn by turn directions and 10 dollars a month for voice guided navigation is stupid. If it was a dollar I’d pay it but 10 dollars is more than what I pay for Netflix. I use Netflix everyday. I use Voice Guided navigation maybe once a month or every other month.

I have faith in Windows Phone 7. I like what they did at launch but right now I don’t think the phone is right for me in it’s present state.