WTF Ubuntu

April 16, 2011

If you’re unfamiliar with Ubuntu it’s a flavor of Linux that’s free. It’s fast easy to use (for the most part) and has everything the basic computer user needs. Ubuntu is my preferred OS of choice but the issues I’ve experienced make it unreliable. About a year ago I decided to make Ubuntu my primary OS. At the time I was running Windows full time (Windows 7) while running Ubuntu in Virtualbox at the same time. When I made the plunge I felt a sigh of relief. Why might you ask? Well out of the box you get everything windows has plus more. For example, Ubuntu One is their cloud storage solution that integrates seamlessly within the OS and it’s free. Another benefit that Ubuntu has is it’s Software Center. While Apple has the App store the Ubuntu Software Center has been around forever and all the apps are free. There’s more but I feel that Ubuntu is ahead in features and sheer speed, which is why I like it over Snow Leopard and Windows.

Burned by Ubuntu updates

I was rocking Ubuntu full-time for 6 months until an update killed my wifi card. Keep in mind Ubuntu ran trouble free until I decided to update (which I did numerous times before the card went dead). I spent 2 weeks trying to get the card to work and recognize wifi until I gave up and put windows back onto the machine (I even tried to put a fresh copy of Ubuntu on my machine so yes I tried everything).

My Cr-48 and Macbuntu

I own a Cr-48. I was running windows on it but need to get back into rails development and decided to give Ubuntu another shot. I have been a Mac user for about 6 months now and find it hard to work with anything else. Even though the Mac has it’s issues (like command + tab to a minimized window doesn’t open the window) I like the minimal look and the way it functions for the most part. I came across Macbuntu which basically turned my Ubuntu machine into a Mac clone. I have to say that Macbuntu really made Ubuntu a joy to work with and loved every minute of it until one day….

it stopped working. The OS was functional but Ubuntu’s theme decided it would change at random times during operation (I didn’t update, I learned that lesson). I’m adding onto a project that I’m doing for work in gedit then all of a sudden the theme would change to windows 98 battleship gray out of no where. I could have dealt with it for awhile but it literally slowed down the underpowered CR-48.

I love Ubuntu but I cannot afford to waste time in an operating system that isn’t stable for everyday use. I rely too much on computers. While Ubuntu is a great OS with allot of features I can’t see myself as running it full-time until they come out with their own hardware or stabilize the OS because this is ridiculous.