How my Cr-48 running Ubuntu 11.04 ruined my Macbook's life

May 10, 2011

If this is your first time reading one of my posts you should understand that I switch between OS’s, laptops and phones like clothes. One day I’m in love with Snow Leopard — the other I’m a full blown Windows guy. This post is another switch I’m going through right now and how the CR-48 has changed my criteria in a laptop.

I prefer laptops over desktops. I need to stay mobile because one minute I’m coding in the living room while the next I’m reading an eBook about Rails 3 in my bedroom. My laptop is my gateway to learning and entertainment. My old criteria for a laptop has been, huge screen, large amount of ram, huge hard rive space, and as many cores as I can get with the CPU. Ever since I got the CR-48 I’ve noticed that my habits have changed. I was rocking windows 7 on the CR-48 for awhile and loved the performance, but my focus as of late has been open source languages (Ruby on Rails and PHP) and frankly Windows 7 took almost all of the room on my 16 gb SSD. So I decided to put Ubuntu on the CR-48 and haven’t looked back since.

My Replacement for Textmate

I used to think that Textmate was the defacto and nothing could come close, but boy was I wrong. Gmate with Gedit (Ubuntu’s text editor) I found is a great replacement for Textmate.

Replacement Software

Banshee, LibreOffice and Ubuntu One (Ubuntu’s cloud sync) are all fine pieces of software. I find Banshee fast and the fact that it has Podcast support gives me no reason to use Itunes for home podcast listening.

My Macbook and my fear of using it

I might sound crazy but I’m afraid to use my Macbook Pro. It’s too expensive to replace. I’m used to pounding on the keyboard and using my machines to the max. I find that I baby the Macbook too much because of the higher cost of ownership. Not to mention that the Mac has a few “glitches” that I can’t live with. The first one is the behavior of minimizing a window. I can’t CMD + tab to that minimized window. The second is the performance issues. When the Macbook is overworked it stops working. I find that windows handles this better than Snow Leopard.

Ranting aside my CR-48 has shown me the power of an SSD. I might be delusional but, when I was running Windows 7 on my CR-48 it was the fasted windows machine I had ever owned. It ran visual studio without a hick up. The CR-48 runs Ubuntu like a dream. I might be smoking crack here but it out performs my mac. Windows open fast, running a scaffold with Rails is quicker and websites load faster in Chrome on my CR-48.

I find that the portability of the CR-48 and outright performance has changed what I look for in a laptop all thanks to the CR-48.