My first 48 hours with the Macbook air 11'

May 30, 2011

In a previous post I stated that my cr-48 running Ubuntu 11.04 ruined my Macbook 17 inches life. The pursuit for the perfect ultra portable is finally here. I have been using a Macbook air 11′ inch for the last 48 hours and have to say that this is my dream machine. It’s light, the battery lasts for hours and the keyboard + track pad is the same as my Macbook pro 17. I’ve already built 3 websites and a Ruby on Rails eCommerce site on this thing along with minor image edits with pixelmator. This machine has taken everything I could through at it without a hiccup.

2gb vs 4gb

I was wondering if getting the 2gb model instead of the 4gb model was a mistake. Honestly, this thing is fast. As I noted earlier it hasn’t choked on anything I’ve thrown at it. I might have an issue upgrading in the future, but I’m sure that I can update the RAM if needs be. I’m not too worried about it at the moment.

I’ll update my experiences with the Macbook air as time goes on in case anything else comes up.