Why I returned my Macbook air 11 inch

August 19, 2011

Oh Macbook air you were great while you lasted. We had allot of fun together but I’ve realized it’s me, not you. You see I have this CR-48 that runs Ubuntu. My battery lasts atleast 8 hours and it’s really fast. While I can’t watch Netflix on my CR-48 my battery lasts 8 hours and I’m not distracted by Netflix. You see I can’t own a laptop that lasts 4 hours because I tend to get 2 if I watch Netflix, and if I watch Netflix I don’t get any coding done. If I don’t code I feel guilty and drink. In the short term I may be fine but a few years down the line my Macbook air might turn me into an alcoholic. So I gave you back to Apple who has a shitty return policy when you bought something in cash (I had to wait 2 weeks to get my cash), but that’s okay it’s Apple, they do nothing wrong (gag). Goodbye my friend the next time I see you I hope that you give me at least 8 hours of battery life.