Is a Windows Phone Right For Me

October 14, 2011

When Windows phone 7 came out I immediately bought the HTC HD7 on T-Mobile. The reason was simple really, I feel as though Windows Phone 7 brought the best of both worlds that I lacked in Android and IOS. Unique hardware, updates, long battery life and a quick UI.

I remember unboxing the HD7. The Hardware was gorgeous. It had a big 4.3 inch screen and a kickstand. But that love affair quickly faded when I started using the software. I’ll admit that I have the early adopter syndrome but at the time Windows Phone 7 wasn’t finished. It took forever to open applications, the browser sucked and the one thing I couldn’t stand was the lack of a google reader app.

I lasted less than 24 hours with Windows Phone 7

I took the HD7 back for a craptaculous mytouch 4g. While I’ve lived with Android and IOS for the last year I feel as though it’s time to revisit Windows Phone 7 (7.5 Mango)again. I think Microsoft got it right with the latest Mango update.

I don’t care about the app count

I’m going to be brutally honest. I use maybe 5 apps at the most. Google Reader, Email, Google talk, Amazon and Netflix. I’ve downloaded (spending hundreds of dollars in the process) a crapload of apps that I’ve used once. While Windows Phone doesn’t have a big app catalog like Android or IOS it has the ones that count.

Battery Life

I primarily use my IPhone because of the battery life. I’ve had multiple Android phones that suffered the same issue. Crappy battery life. I seriously think that it’s a joke that I have to sacrifice features such as brightness to make it through a day of phone use. I don’t have that problem with the IPhone. I easily get through a day of heavy surfing, Netflix and book reading and emails with battery to spare. One thing I’ve heard around the web is that Windows phone has excellent battery life.

I want a big fucking screen

One thing I can’t stand about the IPhone is the small ass screen. I’m getting old and since I work on a computer all day my eyes start to strain at night. The Windows phone that I have my heart set on is the HTC Titan. It’s a 4.6 inch beast of a phone.

I don’t need flash

The Geek in me always thought by not having flash I’d be missing out. To be honest all that I need is YouTube videos. I’ll read a post about something geek and what I find is that everyone is using YouTube, which works on Windows Phone 7.5


I am done with rooting my Android phones. I give up. Something is always broken. Plus why in the hell should I have to crack my phone in order for it to work right? While Microsoft had issues updating Windows Phone 7, they came back with a vengeance and updated several phones on different carriers without a hiccup. That is impressive. Within weeks of the Mango update nearly all of the first gen Windows Phone have been updated. The only issue that I have is that it took them so long to release updates for Windows Phone 7.

Am I getting a Windows phone 7.5 phone?

I’m loyal to T-Mobile. The phone service rocks, my Internet is fast and I have unlimited internet. The HTC Titan is not released in the U.S yet, but if the rumors are true the Titan is going to AT&T. There’s no way in hell I’m switching to AT&T.

The thing that doesn’t make sense to me is that if Windows wants people to buy their phones they need to make sure that they put all models on all carriers. I know that’s a fantasy because the carriers decide which devises go on their network, but as a loyal T-Mobile customer I feel as though all the good Windows Phones are going to AT&T. Who knows maybe the carrier gods will be nice to me for once and will grant me my HTC Titan on T-Mobile.

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