My Initial Thoughts on Google Currents for Android and IOS

December 9, 2011

Google release Currents today on Android and IOS only.¬†Google Currents has been long been rumored as the Flipboard, Pulse competitor. I like the idea but there’s a few things that are off. While Google Currents is new I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt but my initial thoughts is that it’s almost there. To understand my pet peeves with Currents you have to understand a little about my reading addiction habbits.

I’m a Google Reader Addict

I read allot of tech feeds. In case your interested I updated an old post to include my recent Google Reader stats. I was hoping that Currents would be the next Google Reader, but it has it’s shortcomings.

My 2 Gripes about Currents so far

My opinion might change the more that I use Currents, but for now here’s my initial thoughts.

You have to download the subscriptions when you open the app which is slow. Google Reader is fast. You open the Google Reader app new feeds are there. It’s almost magical.

It’s Android and IOS Only

I like reading through the browser when I get home. It’s usually how I warm up to a long night of coding.

I’m pretty sure that Currents will get better over time. If Google can pull this off I can see myself using Currents full time.