Getting Started with Composer for PHP

January 19, 2013

Looks like PHP is taking some notes from Ruby on Rails with their gem system with Composer. One thing I loved about Rails was how modular it felt. If you need an admin use Active Admin, which is simply including the gem within your gem file a rake command or two then your set with a professional looking administration backend for your project. The thing is if you’re working on a quick project such as a CMS and you need to host it on the cheap Rails isn’t the best option (for me). While I love developing in Rails my biggest frustration has always been deployment. I know there’s Heroku and other options out there but nothing comes close to PHP’s ease of hosting and the choice of frameworks that you can use.

Here’s a great introductory video that I found on Youtube that goes through the basics of using Composer. Another thing I loved was the fact the person in the video was using PHPStorm which is by far my favorite IDE for PHP. Well, with that said sit back and enjoy the video.

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