My Gripe With Microsoft

March 30, 2013

I know I may sound uncool by saying this but I like Windows. I should actually say Windows 7. Why might you ask? It’s fast, very hackable and you can customize the system to work for your needs; not to mention I love the keyboard shortcuts. But Windows lately with their phone and latest Windows 8 OS has been pissing me off. I’ve seen a few articles lately about how Microsoft should be split up and how Microsoft should do xyz to improve the company. While these articles spew doom and gloom you have to understand that Microsoft makes a hell of allot of money. Until that day stops happening they will continue on the current road they’re driving. My problem with Microsoft is a pretty simple one. They lack common sense. I’ve said a million times on Google+ and to people that are close to me that Windows 8 sucks but if history repeats itself Windows 9 will be good because that’s how Microsoft rolls. Every other version of Windows is good.

It’s Too Late To Go Back Now

This new Metro/Desktop hybrid is here to stay. While some might congratulate Microsoft for being bold I think they lost focus of the power users and they need to make a fundamental choice about their services. What I see happening in the OS wars is Google is becoming Apple faster than Apple is becoming Google on the mobile front. Eventually we’ll see the same thing where Google becomes Microsoft faster than Microsoft can become Google. I think Google is deliberately holding Chrome OS back making sure to get their ecosystem flushed out before a full bore attack on Microsoft. No matter if you side with me about Metro or not this is Microsofts plan on unifying their OS.


My biggest gripe with Windows is the lack/god awful notification system. The notification system on Windows Phone is stupid. Live tiles is a good idea but there needs to be some type of notification tray. Whatever notification system they decide to go with needs to work on the OS as well.

Stop Pushing People Towards Microsoft Services

How much does or Internet explorer make you Microsoft? Stop pushing people into your services and give them an online accounts app like OSX or Ubuntu have.

My biggest problem is that they didn’t make the Windows 8 app store compatible with Windows 7. Why in the hell they didn’t capitalize on the billion or so people already using Windows 7 escapes me.