The iPhone is Finally on T-Mobile

April 3, 2013

I’ve been a happy T-Mobile customer since 2005. I tend to have coverage everywhere I go and I’m happy with the customer service and how they handle data caps. There’s one thing that T-Mobile has been missing and that was the iPhone. I’ve used 2 unlocked iPhone’s on T-Mobile. The first was the first iPhone then later the 3g. While I was satisfied on Edge the release of the G1 changed how I used smartphones forever. I’ll leave that story for later. I’ve wanted an iPhone on T-Mobile for what seems like forever. Whenever there was a rumor about it I would get excited then let down when the rumors turned out not to be true. Now that the day has come, I’m not excited. I’m not excited because the iPhone isn’t a great piece of hardware, I’m not excited because the software has fallen behind. It looks dated, iCloud doesn’t work right and iTunes match was a joke. It seems as though Google has turned up the dial and they’re releasing updates to all of their services daily while improving Android at an alarming rate. While my main phone is a Galaxy Nexus I can’t see myself getting the iPhone on T-Mobile yet. But Bryan you’ve waited years to get the iPhone on T-Mobile. The thing is that there’s going to be a new iPhone this year. Ive is in the design driving seat and I think Tim Cook is tired of apologizing for their crap services. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the next iPhone puts Apple back at the top of innovation because right now they’re seeming stale.