Busy Few Months and My Mobile Platform Decision

July 20, 2013

I haven’t posted in awhile. June/July have been really bad months professionally for me. I’ve gone through a server crash and numerous issues with things not working at my day job and I’ve been super busy with my kids activities.

Allot has gone on though. My Nexus 4 arrived finally after UPS lost it, the back broke, then the sim tray cover fell off. I’ve been pretty much 50/50 when it comes to Android and IOS in which I’ve had every milestone device since the Iphone launched but I’m getting older (and hopefully) wiser and have decided that I’m sticking with the IOS ecosystem. No matter which Android device that I own there’s always something, from the horrible Galaxy Nexus camera to the super thin glass back of the Nexus 4. I’m holding back from a huge rant but the Nexus 4 was the worst purchase decision I’ve ever made. My original G1 is still in perfect working condition without a single scratch. My Nexus 4 broke in my pocket when I got up from my desk.

While you may not agree, I feel as though the two platforms are so similar that it’s about time that I pick one and I choose IOS.