I Couldn’t Hang with IOS7

November 3, 2013

I loved my iPhone 5 on T-mobile it was so good I switched from Android to IOS even though I felt as though it was rushed on T-mobile. But I couldn’t use IOS 7. It gave me a headache. I hated the white everywhere backgrounds and worse were the transitions. While I agree that IOS needed a facelift, that facelift didn’t work for me. I truly wish Apple luck with their future IOS endeavors but this is the end of the line for me and the iPhone. I’ve had every major model of iPhone, while jailbroken on T-Mobile and finally with a legit version when the iPhone 5 came out. While most may say what’s the big deal, you have to understand that I waited years to have the iPhone and when it finally arrived on my favorite carrier the fun only lasted a few months until IOS 7 killed it for me.