The Nexus 5 is Here!

November 8, 2013

I trade phones as often as I change clothes. I remember in 2008 when the iPhone was it as far as the best smart phone out there. Well, that’s not the case anymore. I’ve owned every major model of iPhone since it’s launch and have owned numerous Android phones dating back to the G1 but I’ve never been 100% about any of them. There was always something lacking, until now. I feel as though we’ve reached a good point in smart phone hardware and software where the differences are minor. I loved my iPhone 5 on T-Mobile, but when IOS 7 came out I departed from that platform because I didn’t like the changes in design and honestly the animations gave me a headache. Luckily, at the same time I had a Nexus 4, which I have to admit (minus the glass back) is one of the best phones I’ve ever used for me. I’m on WiFi 99% of the time so LTE was never a deal breaker for me. The phone is fast and the screen is great. One major issue of the Nexus 4 was the glass back which broke in my pocket after the first week of owning the phone and the speaker is ok but not great. But I fixed it and got a real nice slim case for it that has made the phone easier to grip and I don’t feel scared to leave it in my pocket anymore so that problem was solved.

I like my Nexus 4 so much I’m not running out to buy the Nexus 5 yet. I’m hoping all the bugs will be ironed out of the hardware in 6 months or so then I’ll consider buying one. What makes me want this phone over everything else is the build. From the soft texture back to the tiny little bezel around the sides this phone is a killer looking piece of hardware. I can’t wait to get this phone, but as I said before I’m not in a rush because I’m happy with my Nexus 4. For me not to run out and buy a new phone is a really big thing if you knew me.