Ubuntu is my Main OS

November 8, 2013

I’m not a one OS type of guy. Just like my mobile phone OS’s I change my desktop OS’s pretty much weekly. I was rocking Windows only for awhile, but running Windows makes me feel dirty and feel like there’s a virus somewhere running without my knowledge, not to mention Windows 8 isn’t for me. It’s like Microsoft is making allot of stupid moves and I’ve been moving away from Windows for awhile. I have a new Macbook pro with retina and Mavericks but I can’t stand the keyboard and configuring php is a pain locally on the machine. I always go back to my x1 carbon with Ubuntu 13.10. Before I get into my decision let me discuss the physicality behind my desktop choice and why Ubuntu is my main OS.

I beat the shit out of my computers. At all times I’m running photoshop, phpstorm, sublime text 2, chrome with multiple tables, terminal and about a dozen other programs for web development. When I’m in Online Marketing mode I’m running 5-10 more programs. Guess what I do I.T. too so I’m remoting into one of my servers, while doing tech support on more than a dozen machines at the same time.

I love keyboard shortcuts. My goal in life is to never use the mouse. Which is why a great keyboard is key and why my Lenovo X1 is the best machine that I’ve ever owned hands down. compiz for aero snap works great, and the keyboard shortcuts emulate Windows which is one of the features that I like about windows. Not to mention alt + tab to minimized windows actually opens the program, unlike on the mac where alt + tab to a minimized window doesn’t open it you have to do finger gymnastics and do command + alt to open the minimized window or command ~ to switch between programs. IMHO that’s a bug and not a feature of OSX.

I only want to focus on code. The one thing about the Mac is the App store is great for messing around and downloading games and apps. I don’t want that on my laptop. All that I want to do is focus on code and not playing around. While the Ubuntu store is cool it’s light years behind Apple’s. Same thing goes for Windows. I don’t want to play, I want to get shit done. When I want to play I have a Nexus 7.

sudo apt-get install is the shit. Using the terminal makes me feel cool, not cool like popular but like geeky cool. iterm2 is great but terminator is the shit. While the Mac and Ubuntu (I’ve gotten a few cool terminal emulators to work on Windows but it takes work) terminals are similar the keyboard shortcuts of terminator, multi window editing and transparency are all that I need. opening a split pane has better keyboard shortcuts on terminator and I’ve gotten it to look slick on my Ubuntu machine.

In all honesty, OSX and Ubuntu are very similar but my needs are more aligned towards Ubuntu. Not to mention I paid half the price for my X1 than I did my Macbook pro.