My Trucks Are Turning Into Hybrids

December 6, 2013

The iPhone changed things. The smartphone has been done before. Badly. The iPhone gave us a window into the future, a future where a computer and touch combine into the Star Trek like future I’ve only imagined. The iPhone did something else that I could have never prepared for. A future of dumbing down my desktop OS. Where Windows tries to combine touch into a desktop, where Ubuntu is getting into mobile and the Mac is well the Mac.

As PC sales and Mac sales decline (not so much for the Mac) it’s hard to imagine a future where the desktop/laptop of today won’t be replaced by ipads with keyboards of tomorrow. This future scares me. I don’t want to touch my computer screen. It’s uncomfortable and I hate finger prints. I live for keyboard shortcuts and powerful programs such as Phpstorm and Photoshop.

While this future of touchdesktopphoneism isn’t here yet there are a few bright lights at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been using Linux Mint off and on for about a year and liked it but the window tileing (aero snap on Windows) wasn’t close to compiz on Ubuntu, but Cinnamon 2 and Linux Mint 16 has changed that. You see the main dudes (yes I said dudes) from the Mint team have said that their focus is on the desktop and will continue to stay that way.

I understand that full blown Operating systems aren’t for everyone, like my mom. But I’m a Web Developer and need my truck. All of the touchy phone/tablet crap needs to stay off my truck because it’s only getting in the way.