I hate comments

The Nansy Pamsy Unicorn & Rainbow Community Phenomena

January 19, 2014

This blog is for me. It’s something else to do. It’s not really a hobby, sometimes I feel the urge to write about shit that I like. I’m more active on social networks such as Google+ but I keep this blog around and write once in awhile. I don’t want fame or even money from this site. What you’ll notice is that I don’t have comments. Nothing personal but this site is not a community and I really don’t care about what people have to say about my opinions. If you don’t like it don’t visit it won’t hurt my feelings. As of late on a few sites I’ve been voicing my opinion and few links to some really cool stuff that I’ve found such as Minix Neo X7 on a Google+ community (that I’ve removed myself from and the post) and not even a few minutes later I get the comment police stating that it’s not a true Google TV because it doesn’t have an IR blaster bullshit. Really? So I made my point in my usual Bryan fashion by saying that’s a stupid reason A and B who the fuck cares it’s still cool and does the same shit. It was a straight 2 hours of back and forth with this person when I realized that I should just delete the whole post because this world is full of idiots that think everything is about their unicorns and rainbows.

That’s not the only example of issues that I’ve had recently but I’ve noticed quite allot of them lately. Another one was from a site about a certain PHP editor that lacked a feature. Now this editor is the shit. I use it everyday and used an analogy I shouldn’t have because when it comes to comment sensitivity there isn’t a worse place than on a developer forum. Usually it’s all rainbows and unicorns on those sites, but in the usual Bryan fashion I voiced my opinion in a colorful fashion. I didn’t bash anything I just said that doing A made me puke in my mouth a little, which it almost did and some person attacked my personality. I did fire back in my usual Bryan fashion but what does my comment have to do with me as a person? You don’t know me. Hence the reason for the very existence of this post. The internet for some have turned into their own unicorn and rainbow reality. People that can’t just shut up about something they don’t agree with because their opinion is true and any negative speak about that so particular subject is┬ásacrilegious.

I’m thinking about putting together the Andrew Dice Clay of sites. A place of vulgar language on a non rainbow commenting system. Somewhere that profanity is encouraged and unicorns are not allowed. ┬áMaybe around tech maybe not. Kinda off topic of this post but I’m finding nothing but tech regurgitation and mini one week reviews of products like the recent case that I got for my Note 3. All of the reviews were like this case rocks and it doesn’t add bulk or weight yada yada, but guess what it did. The case was loose and creaked and I was on my second one after returning the first one. I thought that it was a bad case at first, but nope it’s the case and it’s heavy. The beauty about the internet is that if you don’t like something you can just make your own. My idea of creating a site with zero journalistic integrity and profanity has been a dream for a few years. A place where companies can pay for me to post articles and where they do all of the work. Where I can accept bribes to write articles and receive gifts. Why the hell not? Let the commenters tell the truth. Where people can speak to these companies directly about shit without the feeling of getting slammed by comment police. I’m thinking that maybe there should be more doing than talking so I’m going to finish this rant now and brainstorm.

And that’s the end of my rant.