Hello Satya Nadella Please Make Microsoft Better

February 5, 2014

Microsoft gets a bad wrap. Rightfully so, anyone remember Vista? But when they get it right man do they get it right. Windows 7 for instance was so good it blurred the lines (at least for me) of what the best OS at the time was. Windows 7 was so good in fact that I bought a copy of it vs. buying a computer with it installed.

Satya Nadella Google and Apple are eating your ecosystem lunch

Here are my current ecosystem choices.

  • Google TV. Android Phone. Google Play Movies, Music, Books, Magazines
  • Apple TV, iPhone, iTunes, Books, Magazines.
  • Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox Music, Movies, Xbox

In order for me to watch Netflix on my Xbox I need to pay you a yearly fee. After 3 years you still don’t have a notification system. Your store is a joke. Not for the lack of apps but because of navigation and finding new apps. I feel as though your company is a bunch of old guys trying to be cool while you make up your minds. You can’t even stick with a brand name MSN, Bing, Skydrive while everyone else has a direction you’re not getting on the bandwagon.

Whatever, Whoever is slowing down the release cycle remove them they’re poison

Windows Phone should be updated monthly. There’s zero hype around your phones. Honestly, you’re kinda the pun of all the tech pundits that I follow. They say your phones are great for non techies but you don’t have X,Y and Z. Update Windows Phone. No matter how major or minor you guys are the underdogs.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that new the Microsoft CEO has some pretty big shoes to fill. I’m excited about the future of Microsoft and hope they get their act together. While I don’t expect it today, I hope that I start to see something.

Good luck Satya Nadella. You’ll need it.