Revisiting .Net

February 2, 2014

My entry into programming was .Net. Particularly C# and .Net. Weforms was a great way to program. Then came SEO. Weforms and SEO weren’t a good mix. So I moved on to PHP. After years of PHP, Ruby on Rails and other various programming languages I’m going back to .Net. Why might you ask? Because I think MVC is very good and I’m ready for the switch, not to mention I code in PHP as my day job and it’s nice to mix things up. You see as a web developer my skills have to improve. My kids make fun of me because when I program I call it homework, which is an every night thing. There’s a couple of things that I really like about the .Net space. Instead of a million frameworks to choose from you have a few in .Net. Webforms and MVC. The default MVC app gives you everything that you need right out of the box. A basic twitter bootstrap template and authentication system. Which is nice. The latest PHP framework that I’m working with is Laravel. You have to code your own authentication which is easy but it takes time but there isn’t a set implementation not to mention it uses a large amount of what I call magic strings. This isn’t Laravel’s fault it’s PHP. The point of this article is not to bash any language or to say which one is better or worse, but to just put out there that there’s someone who’s moving from PHP to .Net, which doesn’t seem to happen much.

Why Switch At All?

As I said above I’m getting older. Recently I’ve divorced myself from Ubuntu after a recent update killed wifi again.

2014 is going to be my year of less tinkering and more doing. I constantly move from OS to OS and have finally decided to simplify my life, tools and programming. Once Windows 9 comes out I’m divorcing myself from Mac OSX too. While the development tools on the mac are great I’ve never been a huge fan of the mac. The hardware is okay but the software lacks in allot of ways. Control Alt delete to a minimized window is my classic example. Multiple monitor support is a joke and frankly the hardware is really expensive.

I can say the exact same thing about PHP. While it’s a great language to get things done quickly maintenance and large projects suck. Pre phpstorm my life with PHP was a dreaded one, but framework support in Phpstorm sucks bad. Try debugging an issue with Magento. You’ll see real quick how PHP as a language and Phpstorm are not a match made in heaven.

I’m not saying that I’m giving up on PHP, because A. it pays the bills and B. it’s great in certain situations (like WordPress and this blog). I’m going to focus on the .Net world. I’ve already spent the last few days catching up with the community and made the decision that it’s time.