My Galaxy Gear and Note 3

March 2, 2014

I knew the Gear 2 was coming, but through some friend trades I was able to get ahold of a galaxy gear (first gen). Now you might say well why didn’t you just wait for the Gear 2 stupid? Truth be told I got the Note 3 for the watch. I’m more of a Nexus guy but the Note 3 blew me away. So much in fact I’m considering a Note 10.1 to replace my Nexus 7 (2013). I was able to trade a friend for my Nexus 5 for his Galaxy Gear. So since I had the opportunity I decided to go with it to see if this watch will improve my life.

The Note 3 Almost 3 Months In

When I claimed the Note 3 was the best device that I ever owned in my last post, well that still holds true for me. The big screen, to the camera this device is great. I’ve taken some great shots with it in low light. For the first time I have zero interest in upgrading, trading or using another device. Which is uncommon for me. A phone usually lasts 6 months, but this time I might be able to stick with it.

Galaxy Gear 3 Weeks In

If you’re looking at reviews for the Galaxy Gear you’ll find the same tone.

  • The battery life sucks.
  • The notification system sucks because you can’t see it on the device
  • It lacks features.

I’m basing this on hours of Youtube and Reviews from my top tech blogs. Now one thing I’ve only found on two Youtube videos is that this has been addressed with the mk7 update. This update allows you to view the emails from just about anything from gmail, hangouts and even pocketcasts. The mk7 update has also addressed the so called battery problems the reviewers have claimed (major rant coming in 1,2)…

I’m Sick of Tech Reviewers Narrow Minded Shitty Self Serving Reviews, Posts and Stupid Comments About Tech Gear

Tech reviews used to be a great way to screen a device before you buy it. That isn’t the case anymore. It hasn’t been for a few years at least. Tech review sites are big money so the name of the game is to put up as many words about the product as you can with a personal opinion about it. What I have to say is that I’m so fucking sick of the bad reviews. For example, so many whiney reviewers were appalled at the fact that you had to charge the watch everynight (pre mk7). My first reaction was WHAT THE FUCK. So you’re complaining that you have to charge your watch as much as your phone and just about every device that you own. This one fact spread through the internet like a cancer. Every reviewer said the same thing. Now mk7’s batter life is great. I’ve not been able to test how long it lasts because I charge it everynight. It takes 2 seconds. It’s not that hard. Now my answer to anyone complaining about their smartwatch’s battery life not lasting a day is that maybe you’re on your watch too much. Get a life.

Second is the notifications. Pre mk7 granted you couldn’t get gmail notifications which was kinda stupid so I agree with that but they fixed that with mk7. Now the emails come bundled into one when you have a bunch which works for me. I’ve listened to plenty of podcasts and youtube videos from tech reviewers that had written off the Galaxy Gear and have not updated their opinion on the device. Notifications are good now.

The third major complaint was features. What in the fuck do you expect from a watch? Do you want it to drive your car for you? The watch is an extension. While I would love Google Now and Google Voice Search, yada yada the Galaxy Gear serves a purpose.

The Purpose of the Galaxy Gear in my life

I’m a really busy father of 3. Have you tried juggling kids and a phone at the same time? My galaxy gear serves 2 main purposes in my life. It makes sure that I never miss a call. I turn off sound on my phones. Mainly because when I’m at work I don’t want my pocket buzzing or making noises. The galaxy gear will let me know when someone calls. I also answer calls primarily from my Galaxy Gear and love it. The second is I ┬ájust need the gist of a notification, if it’s my wife texting me or an email I just need to know that A. It happened and B. Who and what it is. That’s it. You see I’m the type of person that has a smartphone for the smart part not the phone and the galaxy gear has made the phone part easier for me.

Another thing tech reviewers don’t do is sit in an office and work. The Galaxy Gear is a great way to know my family is okay. If something were to happen I’m confident in the fact that I’ll be able to know right away.

The Galaxy Gear in real life

So yesterday was the first day of soccer. My oldest son had his first game. My daughter also had a dance competition. So the wife took the daughter while I had my two boys. While juggling 3 chairs, water and blankets, sweatshirts and my youngest son’s hat that he refused to wear I was able to answer a call on my watch from my wife to let me know that my daughter placed second in her first solo dance. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the watch.

In my opinion is that Galaxy Gear is what you make of it. If you want a smartphone with all of the bells and whistles on your wrist then this isn’t for you, but if you want a companion device that merges the power of your smartphone with your busy life then the Galaxy Gear is a great device.

Samsung has impressed me so far with their devices. The note 3 and galaxy gear together is a great combination.

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