I’m Sick of Tech Reviewers Narrow Minded Shitty Self Serving Reviews, Posts and Stupid Comments About Tech Gear

April 12, 2014

Major rant in 3,2,1

When the original iPhone came out tech sites were little man in the online space. I remember monthly leaks and general excitement around tech. But for the last few years it turned into a commercial can’t be trusted content spewing machine of regurgitation and source links to the wrong original article. Don’t get me wrong I give these sites props for making cash. Having a site full of writers isn’t free, but I cannot trust tech sites for reviews that relate to me. The last draw was my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. In that review I stated a few things that was not mentioned once on any review. By anyone. Anywhere. I looked trust me. When I got the laptop I almost blew a gasket because no one had mentioned it’s shortcomings so I was kinda taken by surprise and how much I had to hacktify in order to get the laptop to work, well like a Windows laptop.

I remember in high school when it was uncool to like a band that sold out. Which basically means they started making big $ from music studios. I used to think that was bullshit and never understood the logic behind selling out until now. The very essence of tech journalism is plain spam. RSS is almost dead to me. When it’s a slow news day RSS is hell because the tech writers I follow put up the lamest pieces about utter crap. There’s very little in depth interesting content out there anymore. While if you’re a tech nerd you may think of the Verge immediately. My problem with that site is too much content. I tend to only make it half way through most of their articles or I just skim through the fluff and get to the meat of the story.

While tech news is turning to crap I still have hope that there will be a really good Google+ not made by Google. Not that I have anything against Google it’s just that I want a neutral service (please don’t mention Twitter) by a startup company that doesn’t sell out. I can hope right?

Rant Over…