Loving Windows 8.1

April 7, 2014

I was wrong. I had a general saying about windows and that was every other version was good. While I had played extensively with Windows 8 when it RTM’d I wasn’t impressed and I joined the general bashing campaign of Windows 8 haters. I tried Windows 8.1 RTM and wasn’t happy with that either. Even though I had the ability to boot straight to desktop and a few minor tweaks I wasn’t feeling the update. My main gripe was that Windows 8 was two different OS’s put together. While that feeling hasn’t changed my opinion of Windows 8 has.

For starters what got me onto the Windows 8 bandwagon was my Yoga Pro 2. The ability to switch between desktop and touch is a good thing when you have the hardware to support it. My problem before was I didn’t have the correct hardware. I was either using a VM or running Windows 8 on really old hardware. Now that I’ve used Windows 8 for a few weeks I’m blown away by it and think that IMHO that Microsoft actually got it right this time.

So I would like to publically apologize to Microsoft for bashing Windows 8. They did a good job. I was wrong.