Why Should I Go With Microsoft Services?

May 22, 2014

This is the question that I keep asking myself. I’ve had gmail since day one. I use hangouts, keep, books, android, chrome, calender, google+ (if Google makes it I use it). You might be asking why do I want to switch. I don’t like where Google is heading. Ever since PLA’s and inbound links from other sites can negatively effect SEO  I’ve wanted to distance myself from Google. In a way Google is representing the things that I hate in our current society where the needs of big business outweigh the needs of  we the people. Net neutrality got shot down. Patent reform got shot down. While I can spend hours ranting and raving about the current state of affairs I think it’s a good idea to just sum it down to we’re fucked. I put my money into companies that I believe in. Microsoft is a company that I believe in. 6 months ago I wouldn’t have said the same thing but now it’s a whole new ballgame and Apple and Google should be scared because the 900 lb gorilla is getting organized.

Now I’m no idiot and even though I place morals on this decision I’m not going to just give up years of Google to go with Microsoft. I must have a better reason than that. Microsoft is a big ship that’s starting to shift. Devices and Services is the new Microsoft. Let me give you a dream list of those services and what would make me dive in head first into Microsoft services.

$9.99 gives you Office 365 and 20gb of onedrive.

This is what I call the people plan

How about for $15.00 – $20.00  a month you get

Xbox Music with a digital locker and unlimited music plays

Xbox Movies with one free movie/TV show per week

100gb of onedrive

xbox gold

(they need a bookstore & magazine store, just buy Barnes and Noble)

1 free book per month

Tack on an extra 10 bucks a month for office.


Microsoft is so far behind that if they want to get into the services game they need to 1 make the offers easy. 2. make the offers affordable. 3. give people a cheap ass device for their TV.

I’ve mentioned this a few times but Microsoft needs a $100 streamer. Put RT on it. Let people use an xbox remote with it. You cannot have the Xbox be your only strategy for the living room. They need a cheap box so that people can enjoy their services that don’t game. Let me miracast my devices over to it. Give me access to my and my families accounts so that I can watch photos, videos, etc. Add cortana to it and let me use voice commands. Make it hackable so that I can do cool stuff with it. I know that’s only a pipe dream but a guy can hope right?

Well I’m still with Google for now.