What In The Hell Is My Job Title?

May 24, 2014

I’m unique. No I’m not full of myself (or am I jk). This question has plagued me for my whole career. What is my job title?  I don’t focus on one discipline or technology. Nor do I try to preach the right tool for the job. I identify the ultimate goal and reach it. Basically I’m a one man show. The closest thing that sums up what I do is Webmaster, but through my research it appears that title is dead and has been replaced with specialties such as PHP developer or .Net developer. I’m more than just a developer. I’m a Online Marketer, web designer, print and magazine designer. I combine these skillets to reach the ultimate goal. Money. Every business that I’ve worked for is trying to make more money. Have it be from Online Marketing or fixing a business process the goal is the same. More money.

The Right Tool For The Job

I’ll admit that I’ve used this phrase blindly for programming languages while not believing in it. The thing is that you can accomplish the same shit no matter what language that you choose. The right tool is the one you’re familiar with, or a problem that you’ve solved using that language. I tend to use languages the business is currently using. If all of your stuff is written in PHP I’m writing your app in PHP. I’m not writing PHP because there’s some magical reason. I’m using that language because it makes sense. I always use the “if I die” analogy. If I die how hard will it be for the next guy/gal to take over.

Back To The Title Of This Post

So I’m back to the initial question. What in the hell is my job title? By not specializing am I kicking myself in the foot? Or do I just use both sides of my brain? Did I mention that I’m left and right handed (not that has anything to do with intelligence or sides of the brain, which was debunked by the way). The answer is that I still don’t know, but I’ll keep pushing the limits until someone smarter than I figures it out. But until then I guess that I’m a Web Developer.