Just Works Is Boring

May 31, 2014

I switch my OS’s as often as I change clothes. I love technology. I really love shiny new gadgets. I’m also back on the Mac. While I love Windows 8.1 and had a great machine to run it on there are too many hardware issues that get in the way of coding, which is why the development world seems to be using the Mac. I’ve said more than a few times that Microsoft needs a nexus program. While the Surface 3 is a great machine it’s not a truck. It’s a tablet with a better attached keyboard IMHO. My problem is if my tech just works it’s boring. There’s nothing to configure or tinker with. Which is how I feel about the Mac/iPhone. My 2010 17inch macbook pro just works. The Lenovo Yoga pro 2 has a screen flickering issue when the brightness is turned down. Most apps don’t utilize the 3400xsomething ridiculous resolution (like cmd.exe) and not being able to see the Microsoft Security Essential icon scares me. The Windows Store is a hot mess. The only apps that you can get are the Metro/Modern apps, not the legacy apps. On the Mac you don’t have that problem. While you may be asking why in the hell don’t I just use the Mac and shut up, the main problem is that I use Windows all day. My brain maps to my Windows workflow. My Windows keyboard shortcuts in Phpstorm. When I switch gears at home it’s like I have to learn all over again and it takes me awhile to get accustomed to everything.

While your mileage may vary using a Mac gets boring because it just works. I’m having nothing but problems with my Note 3 where I have all sorts of bugs and force crashes no matter what rom/stock Android version that I use. While I love the size of the phone Android is buggy and unreliable, but at the same time it’s powerful. I gave Windows Phone a shot. But that OS still has a long way to go and I was sick of waiting around for things (like a decent flagship on T-mobile). But my iPhone just worked. I dumped the iPhone because I didn’t like IOS 7. Nor did I like the small screen. But with WWDC around the corner and a month left until I can upgrade my phone with T-Mobile’s jump program I’m seriously thinking of going back to the iPhone due to all of the problems I’ve had with Android lately.