WWDC 2014 Guess Who’s Back?

June 4, 2014

Apple. Not that they left or sales where hurting but back at being the Apple that I haven’t seen in a long time. When IOS 7 came out I hated it. When T-Mobile got the iPhone I got it 2 days later. I have had jailbroken iPhone’s on T-Mobile since the 2g but something happened. Android grew up. When Kitkat came around things finally came together from a design point of view. I hated IOS 7 so much I actually sold it and got a Nexus 4, which I hated even more. I tried a Nexus 5 and hated it and then I got a Note 3 and loved it at first until touchwiz started really getting in the way and I started to notice the jitteriness that Kitkat was supposed to remove. But it didn’t. What I had was a phone that I couldn’t stand to use. Then I started putting all sorts of Rom’s on it just to make it fast and the battery last all day to no avail. So I got a Windows Phone. I loved that too at first until I asked myself Why would I switch to Microsoft services and I couldn’t really find any. But I have hope. Well hope doesn’t make me happy today and I’m not willing to wait until Windows Phone catches up. So I’m back full circle to IOS 8.

WWDC 2014

I watched the whole thing. I sat there in awe because for the first time in years I was not only amazed at what Apple pulled off I was planning on how I can get back in IOSland. You see IOS 8 has solved 99% of the problems that I had with IOS 7 except for the really white interface. Give me dark mode and IOS is 100% IMHO. Extensions make share to functionality happen in a unique way where an extension can appear to be embedded into the app. Keep in mind nothing is concrete until release but this is my general understanding of how the whole thing works. Custom keyboards was huge for me but the ultimate was family sharing where I can use one credit card and be notified when someone wants to make a purchase. OSX 10.10 was another “Wow” moment for me. The interface wasn’t IOSified it was modern. Kinda like a natural evolution. The one feature that really sealed the deal was handoff. The general idea in a nutshell is a continuous client. Where you start a task say on your phone and pick up the exact moment that you left off on say your laptop. That’s huge and sells Apple’s platform.

Now Google I/O is coming up but I’ve pretty much made up my mind on the switch. If Apple has a bigger screen iPhone I’m switching (courtesy of T-Mobile’s jump program).