My LG G3 Review Update

August 17, 2014

This is a quick post updating my LG G3. My previous post was more informative than personal IMHO and I felt as though it was time to update my review. I’m not using the LG G3. If it wasn’t for the T-mobile jump program I would have sold it. I’m using my Lumnia 925 as my daily driver. Why am I not using LG’s latest Android flagship that got raving reviews? To put it simply I don’t trust tech reviewers and should have known better when I got the phone. It’s not a great phone. The software is laggy, slow and force closes constantly. The battery life is horrible. Within 5 minutes of playing a game I will loose 30-40% of battery life. I can’t use the screen in direct sunlight because I can’t turn brightness up. The phone complains about it being too hot in 70-80 degree weather so it’s almost useless outside. The quick launching of the camera with the volume down button works half of the time. So there you have it. Another skinned Android phone that sucks.