Windows Phone 8.1

Using Windows Phone 8.1 as a daily driver

August 17, 2014

In my previous post the one glaring issue that I had regarding Facebook uploads has been resolved. Since that review minus a few weeks I have been using Windows Phone as my daily driver on my Lumnia 925 and have to say that I’ve been happy. I’m not a fanboy of any platform. I pick the tech that I’m interested in no matter what company makes it, which is why I tend to switch platforms more often than socks, but for once I’m happy living in Windows Phone land. I’m using the Developer Preview update 1 which brought folders and some other minor improvements to IE (which I haven’t seen yet it’s still buggy).

While the tech press have mostly reported on the doom and gloom side of Windows Phone I feel as though the platform is moving in a positive direction. The biggest flaw is that you cannot buy the same phone on all carriers. Windows Phone is suffering an exclusive problem at the moment. AT&T and Verizon are scooping up the Windows Phone flagships which ┬áis leaving my carrier T-Mobile in the dust. Hopefully that will change soon, but at the moment that is the single biggest problem of Windows Phone. Not being able to buy one. Not to mention carrier updates. We were promised from the beginning that we would have an Apple like update process but we don’t.