Switching Back To Appleland

September 13, 2014

For months I’ve been in the Microsoft camp. I’ve written a few posts about not only using Windows Phone but by initial reactions along with using the OS as my daily driver. Let me get one thing out of the way. I change OS’s like underwear. I build websites. I build software. I build mobile applications. I do online marketing. I design. I write. I draw. I play video games. I read about tech and fantasy. I love to play and write music. I have many interests. I have a very open mind. So with that out of the way, my reasons for switching back to Appleland has a number of reasons besides “it’s the shiny new thing”. Some are the focus of the company. Others is the direction the company is going in. My platform choices effect my wallet and since I have 3 kids and a wife to feed my hobby/career choices need to be long lasting. The faith that I once had in Microsoftworld was shattered over and over again until Apple’s 2014 iPhone event. While it’s only been a few days since that event I wanted to let my excitement settle before I write my thoughts and reasons behind going back to a place that I left.

Apple Products is a Better Value For Your Money

The iPhone/iPad/Mac that you buy today will be updated for years. For free. My 2010 17 inch Macbook pro runs like a champ. Nothing is broken. It just works. That iPhone you get will be updated every year. You won’t have to wait two weeks for the update it will come when Apple releases the update. The trade in value on iPhone products is high. My iPhone 5 sold for $400 when the 5s came out. There isn’t a single phone with a resell value that high. Apple’s attention to detail and industrial design means that phone/computer that you buy will not only last but look good years down the road.

Apple is a Customer Focused Company

Apple is about the experience. One example is reader mode in the browser. Google can’t do that because their focus is ads. Windows Phone has a reader mode that doesn’t work all of the time. IE on Windows Phone doesn’t use Webkit because they are focused on their own crap. Most of the websites that I visit are in crappy mobile mode. Give it up. The user wants a good experience. Webkit won. Another example while small is a big one for me. I spend 2 or 3 hours on my yards every Sunday. It’s my zen time. I listen to music. Volume, Play, Pause and Siri (to skip, pause, play tracks) works like a champ. I can use those same earphones on my Mac and guess what? The play/pause and volume buttons work on that too. Zero crapware. People desire Apple products because they not only trust the brand for high quality products but because using an Apple product is a pleasurable experience.

iPhone 6 and 6 plus

I hated IOS7. The animations gave me a headache. It was too white. After that post they gave the user the ability to switch off animations. It may still be too white, I’m sure that I’ll be able to live with it. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus made that so. I’m sold on the iPhone 6 plus. When I can upgrade via Jump that’s what I’m going to get. I want a big ass screen on an iPhone. Apple made it. I will buy it.

I Sold My Yoga Pro 2

I loved that machine. It’s the best computer that I had ever owned. I sold it while the value was high because of my choice to go back to Appleland.

The More Features Problem

When I got my Note 3 my first reaction was “fuck yeah” I have an Spen and multi windows kicks ass. Take that Apple. I used the Spen twice and multi window once. Those features didn’t mesh well with my everyday life. For some reason I morphed features with value. But the thing is I enjoy a few things. Reading tech news and laughing at cat pictures. That’s it.

So yes I’m planning on heading back to Apple.