2014 Kicked Ass

January 2, 2015

I’ve accomplished allot in 2014. New home, new car, new platform, more sports (for the kids), more frameworks and a new outlook on life. I’ve cross the t’s and dotted all the i’s with the tech that I wanted and career wise I grew. I worked on some pretty exciting projects from a new e-commerce framework to using non PHP frameworks and learning Swift to build enterprise applications I’ve had a pretty productive year on the side of PHP. On the systems admin side I’ve built a linux server and a few windows servers. My javascript knowledge is naturally progressing while I’ve done some interesting front end stuff.

2014 is the year where I started to live a little bit more. Pre 2014 it was all about learning as much as possible. From frameworks to programming languages, learning was the most important thing to me. I switched  that focus from learning everything to learning what I needed. While Swift was the exception I pretty much cut learning to doing. That change introduced me to sports. I’ve been watching football and love it.

I’ve spent more time with friends this year than any year before. I’ve gone to more events than any in the the last several years.

2014 is the year that I gave up on Windows/Microsoft. I used Windows Phone for a long time and loved it until the app issues started getting in the way.

My personal goal for 2015 is health. My professional goal for 2015 is to continue the more doing than learning strategy. I plan on launching a few affiliate sites again while I attend school towards the end of next year. My wife and I plan on more sports for the kids.

I do not plan on posting allot about tech in 2015. 2015 I’m tightening my finances and plan on venturing more into other hobbies besides tech. Sports is first on the list and second is health. I don’t plan on writing allot of posts in 2015.