Wow what a journey

October 2, 2015

I’m sitting here in my back yard looking back at past posts about tech and can’t help but wonder how far tech and even my life has come. This blog has been apart of that. I’ve never been a chronic poster or someone that tried earning a buck from a blog. In some ways this blog represents a part of the web that I used to believe in. The internet where anything was possible. Where the goal was to build something useful. Now we have multi-billion dollar apps and ads that are so bad on mobile that you just click back to where you were previously thinking to yourself that post wasn’t worth that. We live in the age where the big 3 (Apple, Google and Microsoft) are placing the house on buzz words like the cloud and ecosystems. Can you believe it? Microsoft is not the only player in town. People are saying mobile is taking over the world while Donal Trump is running for President. Smartwatches are the thing now while the living room battle is starting to warm up. The big 3 want their ecosystems everywhere.

Job wise I’m good and satisfied. I’m in a good place with family and friends. The journey so far is going good.