Why I Will Never Buy Another Windows Computer

January 31, 2016

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Work and the holidays got in the way. Speaking of the holidays, I sold my Surface Pro 3. I loved that computer but the problem with it was it ran Windows. Don’t get me wrong Windows 10 is fantastic but over time I started to get Windows rot. In case you haven’t heard of Windows rot it means that the operating systems starts to slow down over time. I also had issues with the Surface Pro 3¬†hardware after awhile. Weird things happened like the display wouldn’t wake up and battery life for no reason would fall off a cliff. It was hard for me to use it as a tablet because it cost 1,400 dollars (with the keyboard). The same thing happened with my Lenovo Yoga 2. Loved it until Windows rot happened.

The computer that I’m using is a 2010 17 Macbook pro. It gets around 5-7 hours of battery life, everything works and I have 1TB of storage in it. This laptop is my rock. It runs super fast (thank you El Capitan) and I’ve had zero, yes zero issues with this computer since I got it in 2010. For 6 years this laptop has seen 5 operating system upgrades with zero issues. Much like Android I’ve decided that Windows isn’t right for me anymore. You might be wondering why a guy that talks about tech all the time would not want to have the latest and greatest of all operating systems. Let me explain.

It’s a great time to love tech. Mobile operating systems are mature, PC/OSX operating systems are fairly mature and modern. Laptops are so thin nowadays they almost match the thinness of cellphones. That greatness comes with a cost.¬†The buying decisions are harder. All systems seem to be on equal ground. Except for the fact when I buy Apple my shit just works. I’m not going to get into that decision in this post because I’ve pretty much summed it up in my Appleland post last year.

I used to buy allot of tech. I always wanted the latest and greatest but now I’m looking to buy for the long haul and I found that Apple and I agree. I’ve been burned by Windows almost as many times as Android.