Removing Google From My Life Part 2

April 10, 2016

Last November I decided to remove Google from my life. It’s been 5 months since I wrote that post. Where am I now? Well… Things aren’t going as planned. It took me 5 months to clean up my photo library. I used Google takeout to export 30,000 photos. Then I imported the photos into Apple photos. It took me months of removing bad and duplicate photos. I have finally finished that.

Removing Google Search is Harder than I thought

Using Duckduckgo lasted a month. Let me get this out of the way. I’m not a privacy snob. I want a search engine to have all my info if they use it to benefit me. Duckduckgo failed once for me and I went back to Google. Now you might be saying hey, why not just use Bing or Yahoo? That’s because sometimes I can’t think of keywords to use for my query so I use a full sentence. Google is the only search engine that provides me with some type of relevent result. One thing I’ve noticed with Bing is that they don’t have any type of quality filter because I get a lot of crappy websites. I’m going to give Duckduckgo another go in the next couple of days to see how it goes.

Last but not least in order to remove Google I must switch my email address. This is a very scary one. I’ve used gmail since day one. I’ve been happy with it but if I’m truly going to remove Google from my life I must switch to another provider. Since I’m going all in on Apple it’s either iCloud or .me. I haven’t decided which one yet and frankly I’ve been too lazy to make the switch.