WWDC 2016

My Wishlist For WWDC 2016

April 29, 2016

WWDC is Apple’s developer conference. They tend to release new hardware along with a new operating system version for IOS, OSX (or MacOs if you believe the rumors), TVOs and WatchOs. WWDC is my super bowl. I get all hyped and drool over the new goodies that Apple has to offer.

While I love the direction Apple has taken so far there a few things I really hope to see in WWDC 2016.

My IOS 10 Wishlist

I want Apple news to be my hub of all news. I tend to switch between Twitter, Reeder 3, Feedly, Apple News and Smart News. One thing I wish Apple news did was incorporate my reading list from safari, local news from my area and more news sources. One killer feature of Feedly is the mark as read while I scroll feature. I want the ability to hide articles that I scrolled past.

Another feature I would like is app icons for notifications. This is one killer feature that Android has I wish that Apple would copy.

My OSX/MacOs Wishlist

The number one issue I have with the Mac is the Appstore. The Appstore not only needs a refresh but I would really like the ability to use the same apps from my phone/tablet. I know this won’t happen because of developer revenue, but Microsoft’s Universal platform has this so why not. Another issue that I have is that everything costs money. I know this is great for developers but I would like a healthy balance of free/paid applications. The one gripe that I hear over and over again is that Apple is not providing developers with the tools they need to bring apps to the Mac. Whatever the case they need to make this happen because I feel as though the Appstore has just been forgotten.

The second thing I would love to see on the Mac is Apple news.

Since I don’t have the Apple Watch (yet I’m waiting for v2) or the new Apple TV I’m going to hold off on adding a wishlist for the those products until I get my hands on them.

I know that my list is pretty short but I’ll be honest I’m pretty happy with what I got. My 2006 Macbook pro still runs like a champ and my new iPhone 6s plus is the best phone I’ve ever used. I have 2 more months to wait until we get some new Apple goodies. I can’t wait.