Youtube Tech Reviewers Don’t Get the Macbook 2016 Retina

May 7, 2016

I’m extremely interested in the new Macbook. While my 2010 Macbook pro 17 inch is still going strong with 4-5 hours of battery life I’m considering a new Macbook. Basically I want an iPad that I can code on. I want it portable so that I can work on side projects at work while being a great couch computer. I want great battery life, a retina screen to read RSS feeds, twitter, iBooks and sports news while playing lite games when I feel the itch once in awhile.

When I buy a product the first thing that I do is watch a ton of Youtube videos. I follow a bunch of tech Youtubers. I’ve written a post about why I don’t trust tech reviewers anymore. The same applies for Youtube tech reviewers (well 99.99%) of them. The general consensus after watching dozens of Youtube videos about the Macbook 2016 retina (or whatever it’s called) is that people wanted more USB type C ports.

Major rant starting in 3-2-1…

The Macbook is based upon the iPad. The reason why there’s one port is that you have one port on the iPad. The new Macbook is fanless. Just like the iPad. So instead of reviewing the Macbook for what it is, Youtube tech reviewers are complaining about the one fucking usb type c port. I’ve even watched one video where some idiot is pissed off about the one port when he knew exactly what he was buying. He needed multiple ports and decided to buy the wrong machine.

I don’t plan on plugging anything into the new Macbook except for power. If I did I wouldn’t consider the new Macbook. It’s not the right machine.

Here is the format of 99.99% of the Macbook reviews that I’ve seen.

  • Bench mark tests. (whoopty fucking doo)
  • 4k video export (why in the fuck would you do that with this machine unless you were a Youtuber)
  • Complaint about the dongles that you have to buy because of the one usb type c port.
  • The specs of the machine.

I wish that Youtube tech reviewers reviewed products for everyone and not just them or their use case. Normal people might love the new Macbook. Developers might love the new Macbook. If your making family videos in iMovie you might love the new Macbook. What about a designer? You see when you review a product review it for the many type of people out there and not just you. Review the product for what it is, not what you want it to be.

For years I’ve longed for a reviewer that puts the review into categories. Like.

  • Normals
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Gamers

I want to see via Youtube what the experience would be like for those scenarios. Not fucking 4k video export from Final Cut. If you give your Youtube video a title of “Macbook 2016 Review” review it for everyone.

The new Macbook reviews remind me of when Apple got rid of the CD player in their laptops. I watched countless videos ranting about it. Now practically no one has a CD player in their laptop. It was like a light went off in peoples head. Oh yeah I’ve never used the CD player anyway.

One of the things that I love about Apple is they make products for very specific reasons. I love the fact that their laptop and desktop lines don’t have a touchscreen. When I owned the Surface Pro 3 I was constantly cleaning the screen in laptop mode. I babied the crap out of the machine in tablet mode because the machine cost 1,400 bucks. I even limited where/how I used the machine because of it’s cost. I thought at the time that I wanted one machine to do it all but in practice I finally saw the light. There is no such thing. There will always be a compromise.

I feel sorry for Normals. No wonder I get calls from family members on the type of tech that they should by. If they went to Youtube they’d get some review on how to export 4k video when all they wanted to know is if it’s a good laptop. They could give a shit about usb type c. If they use a mouse and keyboard they have choices. Buy dongles. Buy bluetooth peripherals, or just plain buy another computer.

I’ve never heard one review on the benefit of usb type c as the one port in the Macbook. Buying a power cord for the Macbook is about $100 – $200 dollars. A usb type c port $10 bucks.

While I’m in no rush to buy a new Macbook (like I said my 2010 runs like a champ). I’ve pretty much made up my mind on buying a Macbook (whether it’s 2016, 17 or later). It’s the laptop that I want. I didn’t make this decision because of what I’ve read/viewed on Youtube but because I went to the apple store, loaded sublime text and coded on it (thanks Apple employees for letting me do so).