Nintendo Switch

My Nintendo Switch Review

September 9, 2017

I’ve had my Nintendo Switch for about six months now. By now you’ve read professional reviews. Or have seen a Youtube video or two. You may or not be on the fence about buying one. This is my take. If you haven’t visited my blog before here’s a little back story about me. I used to be a heavy gamer when I was younger. Then as I got older and into web development I stopped gaming. I focused all of my efforts on development. I have a ton of IOS games installed on my phone which I never finish and a few game systems in my house that I never turn on. I love to game but I found that mobile games always want me to pay something and playing a serious game on a touch screen sucked for me. When Nintendo announced the Switch it appeared to scratch my gamer itch because I could play it in handled mode or docked to my TV. Professional games that didn’t want an in app purchase in order for me to advance. It appeared to be what I was looking for. So for my birthday my wife payed a scalper a heavy fee (because she didn’t listen to me and pre order) the Nintendo Switch. The first game I got was Zelda Breath of the Wild. When I first got the machine I would play that game for hours upon hours and even dedicated a few weekends to it. Once I beat the game I bought a crap ton of titles and have literally 10 games on the machine.

I have the usual games. Mario Cart, Sonic and Arms but none of those games come close to Zelda. Pretty soon Skyrim will come to the Switch (I never played Skyrim) so I expect my open world gaming itch will be scratched but right now all I do is check the E Shop daily to see if something catches my eye. So far Mario Odyseey is the only game I’m excited about.

While I believe in the Nintendo Switch and there a ton of Indie titles on there I don’t believe the true potential of the machine will be realized until 2018. I think a lot of companies are playing a wait and see approach to the system. While there are over 100 indie titles in the E shop now I cannot find anything there at the moment I want to play.

I love having the ability to have a portable gaming machine but not having AAA titles that I’m interested in really makes me question my purchase. I love the Nintendo Switch for what it could be but right now after the hype is gone I’m leaving wanting more out of the system.